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Monday, July 6, 2015

Vegan "tuna" sushi roll

I have finally discovered the perfect replacement for tuna. This brand,  Sophie's Kitchen Toona, makes a wonderful substitute whether you're trying to make a tuna sushi roll or a tuna melt without harming any animals.

First, I prepped the Toona. I drained all of the oil out of the can. I went a step further and, after placing all of the contents in a larger bowl, I added some water and then drained as much as possible. This gets even more of the excess oil out.

Second, I prepared the mixture. I used 2 cans of Toona (prepared as described above), some diced red onion, a spoonful of Just Mayo, and a spoonful of organic dijon mustard without sugar. Then I mixed it all together.

After that, you just simply place the contents inside of your seaweed wrap. I used the GimMe organic wrap 'n' roll. I used two different kinds: one is with sea salt and the other is with wasabi. I think that I prefer the wasabi version because I like a little spice in my food.

This recipe was wonderful, and I hope you enjoy!