This food addict will post every meal and every food purchase as a social and personal experiment to see whether publicizing these intimate choices will result, overall, in healthier behavior and weight.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

12/11/14 - Dinner

For dinner, I had Amy's lentil soup with Boca veggie "ground beef." I was also celebrating some amazing news (I got a big promotion), so I celebrated with a single malt scotch. After that, I figured, why not have some brandy and butter cookies?

12/11/14 - Breakfast

Certified-humane eggs (from Vital farms) and sharp cheddar (from Rumiano).

12/8/14 - late-night vegan marshmallows snack!

Roasted Dandies vegan marshmallows (with my dog watching)... mmmmm.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

12/9/14 - Dinner (vegan homemade soup time)

Tonight, I had one of my giant tattoos worked on. I needed something in my stomach, so my artist offered me some mini 3 Musketeers bars and trail mix, which I really accepted.

After I got home, though, it was time to eat some real food, so I had some of the vegan soup that my fiancé cooked last night. It was soooooo yummy. I'm not sure what sort of magic he used to create it, but it's delish. I think there's a carrot-juice and cashew-cream base. There must be a ton of garlic because our apartment still smells like it. There are also the following ingredients: green beans, corn, carrots, soy beans, and peas. It's wonderful!

And, of course, there's my red wine. 

12/9/14 - Lunch

I forgot to bring my lunch with me to work today, so I had to improvise. I started out with some scrambled egg whites with some cheddar cheese on top, but that did not last long. I then moved to Top Ramen; this flavor (original) is vegan. I continued with my soy tea latté ritual.

12/9/14 - Breakfast

I basically did a repeat of yesterday's breakfast: certified-humane eggs and sharp cheddar with Light Life's smart "bacon." One egg yolk broke in my whites today, so I had to just deal with that. I'm also having a vanilla chai tea soy latté.

Monday, December 8, 2014

12/8/14 - Dinner

I started with some celery and peanut butter at work this evening. When I got home, I tried, once again, to make mac 'n' cheese. I have to admit, this round was far better than my previous attempt. I used whole wheat pasta, Tofutti sour cream, Daiya, some grated sharp cheddar Rumiano cheese, and a touch of garlic salt. I also enjoyed some red wine. Mmmmm.

My fiancé made some veggie soup; I may have this little bit (shown) later on tonight. He's an excellent cook. He doesn't microwave everything like I do.

12/8/14 - Lunch

For lunch, I had a few Gardein bbq "chicken" nuggets without sauce and a Quorn "chicken" cutlet. That didn't last me too long, so I ordered a salad with baby greens, red onions, black beans, chick peas, tomatoes, and balsamic vinegarette on the side. I also had some green tea with a bit of xylitol.

12/8/14 - Breakfast

This morning, I had two certified-humane egg whites with about an ounce of sharp cheddar plus Light Life smart "bacon." What I like to do with the smart bacon is microwave it for 30 seconds on each side. I like them crispy. :)

12/7/14 - Dinner

All I had for dinner tonight was a single Quorn "chicken" cutlet.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

12/7/14 - Lunch

I had a bowl of Amy's low-sodium lentil soup this afternoon along with some chai green tea with unsweetened soymilk, xylitol, and cinnamon.

12/7/14 - Breakfast

Today's breakfast smoothie was really refreshing, especially after yesterday's debauchery. I made the smoothie with Naked Juice orange juice, frozen blueberries, raw cashews, organic frozen spinach, and one organic banana. Delicious!

12/6/14 - Lunch & Dinner (holiday party)

My fiancé and I went to a holiday party that lasted all day.  It was filled with lots of veggies, lots of cheese, of lots of desserts. There was red wine flowing, too. When we got back home, we topped things of with a touch of the brandy that I won at the party along with the cookies that my fiancé won.

12/6/14 - Breakfast

Today's breakfast was plain: certified-humane egg whites with a touch of white cheddar.

12/5/14 - Dinner (calls for champagne)

You know that super important meeting that I was losing weight for? Well, that meeting just happened, and it went very, very well. Thus, I celebrated with some champagne, mac 'n' cheese, and veggies. I know that celebration food isn't supposed to be bad food, but I couldn't resist today. I ate nearly this whole bowl of mac 'n' cheese.

12/5/14 - lunch

My boss took care of lunch today and got me a roasted veggie sandwich without cheese. :)  We ordered in.

Friday, December 5, 2014

12/5/14 - Breakfast at Chili's at the Oakland Airport

I ordered some egg whites with cheese along with coffee & cream.  Nothing too exciting.  The poor server is slammed.

12/4/14 - Dinner

Tonight, I had two certified-humane egg whites and a little bit of sharp cheddar.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

12/4/14 - lunch

I finished off my Tofurky deli slices as well as my Light Life "bologna". With lunch, I had a green tea soy latte with xylitol.

12/4/14 - Breakfast (Dr. Fuhrman-approved green smoothie)

This morning, I made an amazing green smoothie using a little bit of Naked Juice orange juice, cashews, ice, one banana, a bunch of spinach, and two pitted dates. Mmmmm!

12/3/14 - late-night snack

I had a little more of my sharp cheddar cheese tonight to finish off my cabernet. :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

12/3/14 - lunch and dinner

For lunch, I had a few Tofurky deli slices along with some Lite Life "bologna" slices. For dinner, I had some Gardein BBQ "chicken" (no sauce added) along with a couple glasses of Robert Mondavi private selection cabernet sauvignon.

12/3/14 - Breakfast

Once again, I ate only certified-humane egg whites along with sharp cheddar.

12/2/14 - Dinner Parts 1 & 2

This evening, I found myself many miles away from home with rain and Los Angeles traffic in my way. I decided to stop by a local grocery store to see if I could pick up something quick for an early dinner, especially since I skipped lunch today. All I could find was a Vons nearby, so I went inside and found Tofurky deli slices, Light Life "bologna" slices, organic celery, and peanut butter with no sugar added. It was a perfectly vegan meal far away from home. I was quite proud of myself. So, I enjoyed these while in my car before heading home in the heavy traffic. I swear that Los Angeles drivers do not know how to drive in the rain. 

Part two of my dinner tonight included whole wheat macaroni, Vegg (a vegan egg yolk replacement that is quite good), unsweetened soy milk, Earth Balance, and some Rumiano rennet-free sharp cheddar cheese. My goal was to make a mac and cheese that was on the healthier side. It turned out okay, but I'm a terrible cook. I don't think anybody else would enjoy it, but since I'm so used to my horrible cooking, I thought that it was okay. I also had some Robert Mondavi select cabernet sauvignon. Delish!

12/2/14 - Breakfast

I had some certified-humane egg whites with sharp cheddar (sans rennet).  Nothing else.

12/1/14 - Dinner

Tonight's dinner was not to exciting, but it was still very good. I had a couple of Quorn "chicken" cutlets.  That is all.

Monday, December 1, 2014

12/1/14 - Breakfast & Lunch

It's good to be back after the Thanksgiving break (sort of).

I think I gained a million pounds. Hate to say this, but I need to lose some weight before a big meeting this Friday (which might involve a promotion), so... I'm on all protein. As a veggie, I'm back on eggs & cheese, but this is temporary. I'm going to buy certified-humane eggs as well as rennet-free (of course) cheese tonight so that this choice is as ethical as possible.

I'm not proud of this, but I need to be honest.

My food for this next month will likely be repetitive and boring. For that, I apologize.

Having said that, I ate the exact same thing for lunch as I did for breakfast this morning: eggs & cheese with hot tea. I put some soy milk and xylitol in my tea.