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Monday, November 24, 2014

11/23/14 - Dinner at My First Jewish Wedding

Tonight, one of the associates in my office got married. This was the first Jewish wedding that I had ever been to. Before the ceremony, my fiancé and I snuck off to have a bite to eat and a little bit to drink. I split the macaroni and cheese dish with him, and I had a glass of cabernet with that.

Afterwards, we headed over to where everybody else was, and there was a ton of food. Unfortunately, almost everything had meat in it, so I was glad that we had our macaroni and cheese beforehand. After the ceremony, there was more food, but we had the same problem. So, we enjoyed what appeared to be the only thing without meat, which was a combination of noodles, grilled mushrooms, and pesto. It was good, but it had a lot of oil, which was a bit too much. I continued with a couple of glasses of red wine throughout the evening.

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